POMEPS Middle East Politics Podcast

November 1, 2016

Each week, the POMEPS Podcast features me in a 15 minute conversation with a leading scholar in the field of Middle East Political Science. Subscribe to the POMEPS Conversations podcast on iTunes or follow us on SoundCloud.

Recent Episodes:

88 Kadir Yildirim, Rice University, The Economic Foundations of Islamist Party Strategy

87 Adria Lawrence, Yale University, Morocco’s Election

86 David Patel, Brandeis University’s Crown Center, Rethinkin state borders

85 Salim Yaqub, University of California at Santa Barbara, The US and Arabs in the 1970s

84 Diana Greenwald, University of Michigan, Why Palestinian elections were postponed

83 Curtis Ryan, Appalachian State University, Jordan’s election

82 Raymond Hinnebusch, St Andrews College, Sectarianism in the Middle East

81 Kevin Koehler, American University of Cairo, The role of militaries in Arab politics

80 Monica Marks, Oxford University, Tunisia’s Ennahda Party

79 Andre Bank, German Institute of Global Affairs, Jordanians and Syrian refugees

78 Wendy Pearlman, Northwestern University, Interviewing displaced Syrians

77 Bassel Salloukh, Lebanese American University, New forms of sectarianism

76 Daniel Corstange, Columbia University, Syrian refugees

75 Peter Moore, Case Western Reserve University, Jordan’s political economy of war

74 Sune Haugbolle, Roskilde University, The Arab Left

73 Vickie Langohr, Holy Cross, Egyptian sexual harrassment


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