2012 Book of the Year Candidates

December 14, 2012

I have read all or part of the following books in preparation for the Foreign Policy 2012 Best Books on the Middle East list. There may be others which I’ve forgotten. Books should have a 2012 publication date, but if I first saw the book in 2012 I might make an exception; I have a slight bias towards University Press books but am open to any high quality publication. My own book is not eligible! If you are aware of a strong candidate that I’ve missed, please let me know very soon!

Hussein Ali Agrama. Questioning Secularism. (Chicago)
Fouad Ajami, The Syrian Rebellion
Ali Ansari, The Politics of Nationalism in Modern Iran (Cambridge)
Abdul Bari Atwan, After Bin Laden
Dominique Avon and Anais-Trissa Khatchoudarian, Hezbollah: A History of the Party of God (Harvard)
Peter Beinart, The Crisis of Zionism
Marwan Bishara, The Invisible Arab
Amal Boubekeur and Olivier Roy, Whatever Happened to the Islamists? (Columbia)
John Bradley, After the Arab Spring
Nathan Brown, When Victory is Not an Option (Cornell)
Jason Brownlee, Deterring Democracy (Cambridge)
Rex Brynen, et al, Beyond the Arab Spring (Lynne Rienner)
Paola Caridi, Hamas ( Seven Stories)
Steve Coll, Private Empire: Exxon-Mobil and American Power
John Collins, Global Palestine (Columbia)
David Crist, Twilight War
Stephen Day, Regionalism and Rebellion in Yemen (Cambridge)
Christopher Davidson, After the Sheikhs (Hurst)
Martin Evans, Algeria: France’s Undeclared War
Ziad Fahmy, Ordinary Egyptians (Stanford)
James Gelvin, The Arab Uprisings
Fawaz Gerges, Obama and the Middle East (Oxford)
Michael Gordon and Bernard Trainor, Endgame: The Inside Story of the Struggle for Iraq
Mark Haas and David Lesch, The Arab Spring (Westview)
Bassam Haddad, Business Networks in Syria (Stanford)
Wael Hallaq, The Impossible State: Islam, Politics, and Modernity’s Moral Predicament (Columbia)
Andrew Hammond, The Islamic Utopia (Pluto)
Lindsey Hilsum, Sandstorm
Amaney Jamal, Of Empires and Citizens (Princeton)
Gregory Johnsen, The Last Refuge
Mehran Kamrava, Political Economy of the Persian Gulf (Columbia)
Mehran Kamrava, Migrant Labor in the Persian Gulf (Columbia)
Hazem Kandil, Soldiers, Spies and Statesmen (Verso)
Daniel Kurtzer, et al, The Peace Puzzle (Cornell)
Daniel Kurtzer, ed., Pathways to Peace (Palgrave)
Reinoud Leenders, Spoils of Truce (Cornell)
David Lesch, Syria: The Fall of the House of Assad (Yale)
Laurence Louer, Shiism and Politics in the Middle East (Columbia)
Jonathan Lyons, Islam Through Western Eyes (Columbia)
Jonathan Marshall, The Lebanese Connection (Stanford)
Lin Noeihid and Alex Warren, Battle for the Arab Spring
Roger Owen, The Rise and Fall of Arab Presidents for Life
Alison Pargete, Libya: Rise and Fall of Qaddafi
Tariq Ramadan, Islam and the Arab Awakening
Joseph Sasson, Inside Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party
Anthony Shadid, House of Stone
Jeannie Sowers and Chris Toensing, Road to Tahrir
Joshua Stacher, Adaptable Autocrats (Stanford)
Joas Wagemakers, A Queitest Jihad (Cambridge)
Michael Willis, Policy and Power in the Maghreb (Columbia)
Sarah Yizraeli, Politics and Society in Saudi Arabia (Columbia)
Mohammad Zahid, The Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt’s Succession Crisis
Mahjoob Zweiri and Emma Murphy, eds., The New Arab Media (Ithaca)


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