Fall Appearances

August 17, 2012

I will be making the following public appearances around the country during fall 2012. Please check with the host organizations about registration, location and other event details. Information about my participation in events at the Elliott School of International Affairs are labeled “IMES” and can be found on the Institute for Middle East Studies website.

September 7: University of Iowa (Iowa City): Conference on the Arab Spring
September 8: Des Moines, Iowa: United Nations Association Conference
September 10: IMES: The New Struggle for Syria.
September 13: College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, VA): The Arab Uprising.
September 27: South Dakota World Affairs Council
September 28: South Dakota Festival of Books
October 2: United States Institute for Peace (Washington, DC): The Internet and the Conflict in Syria
October 9: Princeton University (Princeton, NJ)
October 10: IMES: Arab Transitions… to What?
October 16: Council on Foreign Relations (DC): The Crisis in Syria.
October 18: World Affairs Council, Savannah, GA: The Arab Uprising.
October 19: World Affairs Council, Hilton Head, SC: The Arab Uprising.
October 23: University of Vermont (Burlington, VT): The Arab Uprising.
October 25: Stanford University (Palo Alto, CA): The Internet and the Arab Uprisings.
November 8: Dickinson College (Carlisle, PA): The Arab Uprising.
November 9: World Affairs Council of America National Meeting, Washington DC. “After the Arab Spring” Roundtable.
November 13: Georgetown University.
November 15: IMES: Protest and Rebellion in Arab Politics
November 29: World Affairs Council, West Palm Beach, FL


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